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We want to prove that young generation not only says ‘rock on’ but also it can create extraordinary out of ordinary. We believe in you, if you believe in us. We know, with all your support we can reach to our primary goal. So, don’t waste your time. Remember, activity/money doesn’t matter much. It is the `relation’ which matter most. A good relation to the society can make you feel better. It gives you so many relatives whose love is more pure; who have no demands. So, come your way; join us, make our path enlightened with your presence and permanence. We welcome your thoughts and newer ideas. In our organization nobody is supremo. We all are kings here.


If you are an adult (i.e. 18 years of age or above) and interested to join us then please fill the below form to get yourself registered. Note that Aadhar card & PAN card are mandatory for membership registration. We provide three types of membership (Primery Membership, Honorary Membership, Life Membership). You have to pay the membership fees. Life Membership – Rs. 1110 INR once in a lifetime. For Primery Membership - Rs. 110 INR to be renewed in every year and For Honorary Membership – Rs. 610 INR to be renewed in every 3(Three) years by paying prescribed fee.