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Here's How You Can Help! By The Member For The Member

Our NGO partner, Nalikul Prajjwalan Society are seeking your contribution to help the needy people. Come forward to join the membership.

If you are an adult (18 years of age or above) and interested to join us then please fill the below form to get yourself registered.

We offer Ordinary Membership. you have to pay the Membership Fees Rs. 19/-( nineteen ) only. Please become an ordinary member, you join 10 members, complete your 5 level's and get help Rs 1,23,450/-(One Lakh Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty) only.

⦿ 1st Level - Rs. 50.00 ⦿ 2nd Level - Rs. 400.00 ⦿ 3rd Level - Rs. 3000.00 ⦿ 4th Level - Rs. 20,000.00 ⦿ 5th Level - Rs. 1,00,000.00

Important: Available tax exemption on 50% of the amount you donate under section 80G of the income tax act. you will receive the 80G certificate for the total amount donated.

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